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StepUP Loans

What is StepUP?

StepUP is a not-for-profit initiative between Good Shepherd Microfinance and the National Australia Bank (NAB) for people on low incomes who have difficulty accessing mainstream credit. StepUP low interest loans can vary between $800 and $3,000 with a low interest, which can be used for the purchase of personal, household items and second-hand vehicles. Repayments are scheduled at an affordable amount over a three year period.  

What StepUP loans are for
  • Second hand cars and once off registration 
  • Car repairs  
  • Essential household goods  
  • White Goods  
  • Funerals (up to 3 months from date of funeral)
  • Furniture
  • Vocational Education 
  • Medical/dental expenses (up to 3 months from date of procedure) 
  • House maintenance and repairs  
  • Airfares for refugee family reunion (into Australia only)  
  • Computers
  • Musical instruments and gaming consoles ( main item not list of accessories)
  • Storage costs (only for removal of household items from storage, not for ongoing expense or relocation costs) 
  • Veterinary expenses  
  • Driving lessons (purchase of a block of lessons only) 
  • Caravans

Loans cannot be used for
  • Debt Consolidation 
  • Bills, fines, rent, bond 
  • Cash
  • Christmas or Birthday presents 
  • Holidays
  • Overseas or interstate travel(for any purpose e.g. weddings,holidays,funeral, visiting family)  
  • Visa application fees  

Eligibility Criteria 
  • If you have a Health Care Card, Pension card or qualify for the Family Tax Benefit A
  • Have been in your current premises for more than 3 months 
  • Are in receipt of Centrelink benefits 
  • Earn up to $35K (net) with no Centrelink Health Care Card 
  • Show a capacity within your budget to repay the loan 
  • Low Income with Health Care Card or Pension Card

To Apply for a StepUP loan please call BFFS on (03) 54415277