Bendigo Family & Financial Services Inc.

Social Stitches

Bendigo Family and Financial Services Inc. offer a creative social group once a week called 'Social Stitches'.
The group provides an opportunity to meet and socialise with new people as well as design and create craft projects.

Parenting With Love

PWL offers young parents to connect in a safe place with other young parents & their children. The PWL program
offers creative opportunities to explore a sense of self and too celebrate the journey as a young parent in a non
judgemental & supportive environment.

Broadband For Seniors

Broadband For Seniors helps senior Australians get the skills they need to use computer and access the internet.BFS kiosks are located all around Australia. They are available to anyone 50 years or over who wants to learn how to use a computer and surf the internet.

This service is free however bookings are esential.

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