Bendigo Family & Financial Services Inc

Emergency Relief

SFFS Emergency Relief Program 

SFFS Emergency Relief Program provides support to address immediate needs in times of financial crisis and assistance to community members who are experiencing ongoing financial stress and personal hardship.This service is free, confidential and non judgemental and can help people with:  

  • Food assistance with food parcels  
  • Back to school assistance 
  • Advocacy to negotiate with providers regarding overdue utility or phone bills 
  • Material aid support during times of crisis, includes for example, toiletries and essential packs for hospital visits 
    SFFS Emergency relief workers can: 
    • Determine if there are any more complex financial issues that the client requires assistance with, that may need referral to the Financial Capacity or Financial Counselling programs 
    • Provide appropriate and timely referrals to local welfare agencies or organisations if requested, to deal with diverse issues 
    • Provide basic budgeting strategies 
    • Provide information about industry hardship programs, government concessions and entitlements 
    • Provide information on the availability of affordable loans to purchase essential items and services