Bendigo Family & Financial Services Inc

Credit Breakfree

BFFS Credit Breakfree Financial Literacy Program 

Credit Breakfree is BFFS financial education program delivered either through one on one with a Financial Capacity worker or Financial Counsellor, or through group workshops in BFFS social support programs. The Program is also run throughout the year through workshops in the Bendigo community. 

Financial literacy is defined as the set of skills and knowledge that allows individuals to make informed decisions to understand and manage their finances, allowing them to be informed of financial options and promoting financial independence.   

    The Program provides the following information to strengthen financial skills: 
      • Basic budgeting 
      • Credit management 
      • Information on credit services available in the area 
      • Nutrition and basic cooking on a budget
      • Debt consolidation 
      • Financial assistance services available in Bendigo 
      • Out and about on a budget in Bendigo 
      • Setting financial goals