The AddsUP Savings Plan - (Currently Suspended)

Adds UP Savings Plan

The AddsUP Savers Reward Program is a matched savings plan that help save for the things that you value .If you save $500 in a period of 6 to 12months, you will have your $500 savings matched by NAB dollar for dollar, after a minimum of 6 months. 

What is AddsUP For?

You are able to spend this money on whatever you want


The AddsUP Savings Plan is only offered to people who have successfully completed paying off at least one NILS or StepUP loan AddsUP is only available onceper customer

You will need to ensure you 

  • Make consistent payments in amounts less than $100 
  • Make no more than 3 withdrawals within the 12 month period plan 

To enquire aboutthe AddsUP Program, please call BFFS on (03) 54415277